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[Almost] william Shakespeare's, National Lampoon's, Family Guy's, MTV's:

The Real Thanksgiving Vacation at Macbeth's(WORKING TITLE)


JENNA DOULONG: elizabeth/duncan

Jenna Doulong is an actor and classically trained vocalist. This is her first production with Annexus Theatre Company & Capital Fringe. Her previous role in the Mid-Atlantic area was with Stagecoach Theater's Moonshine Murders as the fabulous speakeasy owner SNOWY FOX. Previous role highlights include Humperdinck's Hansel und Gretel as HANSEL, You're A Good Man Charlie Brown as SNOOPY,  Equus as HESTHER SALOMAN, Guirgis' Den of Thieves as SAL.  

"Act well your part; there all the honour lies. " - Alexander Pope


Friday - 7/12 @ 8:30 PM
Saturday - 7/13 @ 9:15 PM
Saturday -  7/20 @ 2:15 PM
Sunday -  7/21 @ 7:45 PM
Wednesday - 7/24 @ 6:15 PM
Saturday -  7/27 @ 12:00 PM


Peacock - Saint Matthew's Lutheran Church

222 M Street SW


tickets available NOW

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