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Meet the SONATA Artists

Francesca Chilcote
Son of a Father, Jersey Shore, Tiny Coffin


Francesca Chilcote is very honored to be back performing in the DC area after 5 years abroad. She could think of no better return than providing some comic relief to the beautiful and devastating work done in this show. She gives thanks to her family and friends for all their love and support, and to Colin for everything. LOCAL: Shrewing of the Tamed, Capital Fringe, 2011. REGIONAL: Shrewing of the Tamed, Capital Fringe. INTERNATIONAL: A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Physical Theatre Production, We are Thy Labyrinth, Red Nose Theatre Co (Italy); Ahnen, ADA Masters Ensemble/Familie Flöz, (Germany). Věci, Teatro Continuo, (Czech Republic); Silent Reflections: A Clown Noir, Women From Mars Theatre, (Italy). Theatrino, Associatione Culturale Linguistica (Italy) tour. EDUCATION: M.F.A. Physical Theatre, Accademia dell’ Arte, B.A. Theatre, The College of William and Mary.

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